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Already bought your own heater? Or want to integrate our hydronic underfloor loop with an existing heating loop? Or Rogue system allows just that. Complete with floor tee assembly, floor pump & single zone control.


With option to pay in instalments

Structural Insulated Subfloor

  • Lightweight Subfloor made from SIPs (structural insulated panels)
  • 3mm poplar top and bottom sheet with 12mm XPS foam core [18mm total]
  • 60-90 lbs (30-40 kg) Installed (Typical 9pc & 12pc Kits, respectively)
  • Complete thermal break w/ ~R5 insulation value
  • High density sound deadening properties
  • Ability to put potable water lines across the van in the subfloor (for walk-thru Van layouts)
  • Subfloor is bonded to the Vehicle floor during installation
  • NOTE: this subfloor replaces our Legacy 2 part insulation & plywood subfloor system

Using the new CALDERA floor system

  • On a restrictive budget or okay without a fully featured system – and still want the best floor system available?
  • Feeling a bit more DIY inspired and not looking for a Complete Solution?

The Rogue is exactly what you need, the best floor system available complete with a T-assembly, pump and floor temperature controller.  

Our Standard Fitted “Just-the-Floor” CALDERA Kit for Sprinter, Transit or Promaster Models includes:

    • Keystone, Universal Corner System & Plank Flooring for model ordered
    • 150’ of PEX Tubing on 5” centers – providing up to 135 BTU/SQ Foot
    • Radiant Barrier*
    • Structural, Insulated Subfloor*
    •  *complete thermal break & combined ~R7 insulation value
    • Bonded & Screwed Structural Layup : includes fasteners & adhesive
    • Thermal Transfer Tape – uniform conductivity & tubbing mapping
    • Pressure Test Kit – standard hydronic heating industry installation procedure
  • Total Finished Thickness: 1.4 Inches (36mm) Combined 

(18mm Insulated Subfloor + 18mm Radiant Floor)

  •  21mm (~⅞”)  Poplar Plywood Layup accommodates all types of construction fasteners
  • Total Installation Time: 120-180 minutes 
  • Easy Standard Pricing: our design optimizes material usage while minimizing waste so we are able to offer fixed pricing regardless of Van Type. 
  • Engineered for Performance, Designed to Ship
    • Complete subfloor & floor kit ships worldwide via FedEx, UPS or DHL
    • Standard flat rate shipping & handling $450 to lower 48 USA

Van Life Tech Hydronic Radiant Floor

  • Patent Pending “Top Down” technology designed for Mobile Applications
  • Our “Keystone” allows you to determine where you want to bring your tubing out of the floor allowing any mechanical location / Van layout desired.
  • Plank Flooring & Universal Corner System provide multiple tubing layout configurations out-of-the-box. Want a shower pan in-the-floor at your slider door, rear trunk in your spare tire location or aftermarket seating – no problem.
  • Captures Tubing in toleranced channels inside-the-floor during assembly ensuring quiet longevity. PEX tubing expands and contracts during thermal cycles which can cause noise and/or the tubing to work itself out of traditional tubing installation methods when used in a mobile application.
  • Construction Screw Assembly & Layup on the insulated subfloor. In short – we know from experience – nails do not work in mobile applications.
  • Kits are CNC cut from 18mm LEED certified poplar lite-ply (40% lighter than typical shop plywood)

Don't just take our word for it

Mark R.


The convenience of controlling the temperature with my smartphone is incredible! I love being able to come back to a warm and cozy van after a long day outdoors. Highly recommend this heating system!

Jessica L.


As a full-time van lifer, this heating system has made my winter travels so much more enjoyable. I appreciate the option to choose between diesel or gas, and the 17,000 BTU capacity keeps my van perfectly warm.

Karen D.


This heating system has transformed my van into a cozy oasis. The Smart Touchscreen Thermostat Control is so user-friendly, and I love how efficient the system is with fuel consumption.

Susan T.


Since installing this heating system in my van, I’ve been amazed by the comfort and warmth it provides. The radiant floor heating is a game-changer! I can’t imagine traveling without it.

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