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Seeking an efficient heating solution for your completed van conversion? Consider our Siesta system. It provides single-stage air heating and on-demand tankless hot water in a compact, smart-controlled unit. Perfect for those who want simplicity without compromising comfort.


With option to pay in instalments

The heart of the home

At the heart of our Siesta Holiday heating system is an innovative smart touchscreen thermostat control, which allows you to personalise your climate preferences with ease. Allowing you to carefully set the desired room temperate, and even a complex schedule to assure you vehicle is always warm when you need it. 

Remote capabilities allows you to control your heating system directly from your smartphone via an app.  You’ll have the ability to return to a pre-warmed welcoming space after a day on the slopes.

Luxury Through Technology

Our siesta van heating solution is designed to transform your on-the-road experience by wrapping you in unparalleled warmth and comfort.  Engineered for excellence and resilience our Siesta Holiday heating system redefines the way you travel during the colder months. 


On Demand, Tankless Hot Water

The On-Demand domestic hot water abilities is icing on the cake. Providing you with near instant access to hot water via the press of a button.  The amount of hot water is only limited by the size of your tank.  

We’ve carefully engineered all aspects of the heating loop, including the hot water exchanger to assure that you’re always able to heat your floors, heat the air, and heat your water at the same time. 

What makes it great

23,000 BTUs

Experience powerful, efficient warmth with our 23,000 BTU heating capacity, keeping you cozy in even the harshest conditions.

Install in any van

Our system can be installed in almost any space, providing you have an electricity supply and a source of fuel.

On Demand Hot Water

Instant access to hot water when you need it most, revolutionizing your daily routine with seamless efficiency.

Smartphone Control

Enjoy ultimate convenience with remote climate control via your smartphone, allowing you to manage your van's temperature from anywhere.

DIY Installation Material + Live Support

Gain confidence and self-sufficiency with access to our comprehensive DIY documentation, teaching you how to build and service the system with ease.

Deisel or Gas

Choose your preferred fuel source, we can provide kits for both Diesel and Gasoline vehicles (Petrol if you're in the UK).

Order Yours

The Siesta

Pay in instalments or all in one. Current lead times are 1/2 week.

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