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Purchaser agrees this is a kit assembled from products that carry their own inherent risks. Qualified professional installation is recommended. Purchaser assumes all Risk and Liability associated with installing any of these electrical and mechanical systems. Improper installation or use can lead to personal injury or death and/or property loss or damage. Systems should always be installed and used with a CO alarm (provided). ​System purchase requires purchaser agreement of Van Life Tech Non Disclosure Agreement.​ Pricing is valid for 30 days. Materials and equipment carry manufacturer’s warranty – typically 1 year. Van Life Tech professional installations (by Van Life Tech or a trained affiliate in good standing) carry a 2 year warranty on materials and equipment. Workmanship of the Installer is warrantied by the Installer for a period of 2 years. End-user abuse or damage is not covered by our warranty. Payment methods include cash, check, wire transfer, EFT, PayPal or credit card. Standard Orders may be canceled up until they ship. There will be a 20% restocking fee for any refunds issued.

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